Science Council 11th open meeting (23 June 2022)

Science Council 11th open meeting

Last updated: 10 March 2023


  • The Chair presented a summary of her activity over the last 6 months.
  • The CSA updated the Council on his recent activity and discussions (publication of the first FSA annual review of food standards “Our Food,” modelling FSA staff headcount reduction for Cabinet Office, the Precision Breeding Bill, and alternative proteins).
  • An update on progress of Working Group 6 on Food Safety and Net Zero Carbon (including the interim report and an HMG workshop).
  • Updates from Science Council members attending Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs) and a brief on the tailored SAC review for Cabinet Office.
Final minutes of the 11th Science Council open meeting public session which were adopted at the 12th Science Council open meeting.

Link to final minutes

Public attendance at this open meeting

Members of the public are welcome to attend Science Council open meetings as observers and should send a request to the Science Council secretariat (at the e-mail address below) if they would like to attend. Any requests to attend this meeting should be received before 12 noon on Monday 20 June 2022.  Please note that space for observers is limited so we may not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend.


The government has removed remaining domestic restrictions in England.

Members of the public who wish to attend this open meeting are reminded of this advice.  In the meantime, if Government advice changes this section will be updated so please check back regularly if you are hoping to attend.

Questions to the Science Council

Members of the public are also invited to send in any questions they have for the Science Council on the topics under discussion at the 10th open meeting. Please send any questions to the Science Council secretariat at the e-mail address below by 11:59pm on Tuesday 21 June 2022. The Science Council will try to answer your questions at the meeting, but if we are unable to do this, we will try to provide a written response before the next Science Council meeting.

While questions about the activities of the Science Council are welcomed, the Science Council cannot answer questions on the FSA or FSA policy in general.

Science Council Secretariat contact


Broadway House, Tothill St, London SW1H 9NQ


(Agenda may be subject to change at short notice)

9:30-10:00am Registration

1. (10:00-10:20) Welcome and Introduction

      a. Secretariat:

              i. Reminder of open meeting rules and venue (fire escapes etc)

             ii. Agree the previous open meeting minutes (and progress on resultant actions)

            iii. Check if members’ interests are relevant to any agenda items

      b. Chair welcomes attendees and new members

      c. Chair provides update on her activity over the last 6 months

      Actions from the previous open meeting public session

2. (10:20-10:35) Chief Scientific Advisor Update

3. (10:35-11:05) Working Group 6 update

      a. Expert Interviews

      b. EMT response to the interim report

      c. Next steps and discussion

4. (11:05-11:15) Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs) tailored review

      a. Update on Science Council review

      b. Status of reviews of other SACs.

(11:15-11:30) Break

5. (11:30-11:45) Other Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs):

      a. Discussion of engagement with SACs and key topics of interest.

      b. Upcoming meetings and future attendance

6. (11:45-11:55) AoB

7. (11:55-12:10) Public Questions

8. (12:10-12:15) Close of public session