Science Council

The FSA Science Council is an independent expert committee of the Food Standards Agency, comprising a Chair and seven members. It provides high-level, expert strategic insight, challenge and advice to the FSA's Chief Scientific Adviser and to the Board and executive of the FSA on the FSA's use of science to deliver FSA objectives. Its purpose is to help ensure that the FSA identifies, sources, integrates and uses the best scientific evidence and expertise from all relevant disciplines to inform and evaluate its work.


8 June 2021

Responses to the Science Council consultation on draft principles and guidelines for un-commissioned third-party evidence are published today: Rapid Evidence Review 1 on the Critical Appraisal of Third-Party Evidence.

4 June 2021

The Science Council publishes the final report for its review of food hypersensitivity (Working Group 5):  Working Group 5 on Food Hypersensitivity.

4 June 2021

Meeting papers for the Science Council 9th open meeting have been published.  Members of the public are invited to submit questions for the Science Council on the topics under discussion: 9th Open Meeting - 10th June 2021.