Updating Science Council Register of Interests

Last updated: 05 December 2022

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Science Council members are asked to:


  1. FSA Scientific Advisory Committees are required to keep a register of interests that may be relevant to their current committee work according to the guidance “The FSAs Approach to Managing the Interests of its External Scientific Advisers”.
  2. The FSA aspires to be a truly open organisation - transparent and open to views and perspectives from others in our work.  This means it is important that for any scientific advisors offering their opinion we have a current and comprehensive record of any potential conflicts of interests.  This was we can manage any actual or perceived conflicts and avoid accusations of bias that might undermine expert advice.


  1. Science Council members are asked to review the latest update of the Science Council Register of Interests and update as required.
  2. Council members are reminded that at the beginning of any Science Council meeting, they should flag any potential conflict of interests they may have with the items on the agenda.