9th Open Meeting - 10th June 2021

9th Open Meeting - 10th June 2021

Last updated: 14 December 2021

Summary of the meeting

  • The Chair presented a summary of the last 6 month’s Science Council activity.
  • Members agreed the principles and guidelines and final report for the critical review of the appraisal of third-party evidence.
  • Update provided on FSA activity since last year’s Council recommendations on data usage & digital technology. Further Council engagement is being considered.
  • The CSA updated the Council on his recent activity and discussions (including gene editing, labelling reform, genomic surveillance, and net zero carbon).
  • A discussion of the recommendations from the Council’s review of food hypersensitivity, FSA current activity and future plans, and lessons learnt.
  • Updates from Science Council members attending Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs).

Final minute of the 9th Science Council open meeting public session (approved at the 10th Science Council open meeting on 9 December 2021):

Link to final minutes here.

Agenda and papers

Update: Working Group 5 update slides added post-meeting (28/6/21).

10:00  (Item 1) Welcome and introduction (Sandy Thomas)

10:10 (Item 2) Minutes of 8th Council meeting and actions (Sandy Thomas)

10:20 (Item 3) Science Council Chair’s report (Sandy Thomas)

10:35 (Item 4) FSA Science Update (Adam Cook)

10:55 (Item 5) Rapid Evidence Review:  Critical Review of the appraisal of third-party evidence (Peter Gregory)

11:20 (Item 6) Working Group 4 (WG4) review on data usage and digital technology: Post review update from FSA (Julie Pierce)

11:35 Coffee Break


11:45 (Item 7) Chief Scientific Advisor’s update (Robin May)

12:00 (Item 8) Working Group 5: Food Hypersensitivity Review (Paul Turner)

12:25 (Item 9) Update on FSA Scientific Advisory Committees (Sandy Thomas)

12:40 (Item 10) Wrap up and close session (Sandy Thomas)

12:45 (Item 11) Questions and comments from the public (Sandy Thomas)

12:55 End of the meeting


Meeting attendees

  • Sandy Thomas - Council Chair 
  • John O’Brien - Council Member 
  • Paul Turner - Council Member 
  • Patrick Wolfe - Council Member 
  • Sarah O’Brien - Council Member 
  • Claire Nicholson - Council Member 
  • Peter Gregory - Council Member

Food Standards Agency  

  • Robin May - FSA Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA)
  • Emily Miles - FSA Chief Executive
  • Julie Pierce – FSA Director of Openness, Data & Digital, Wales and Science 
  • Adam Cook - Head of Science Strategy, Capability and Research 
  • Chun-Han Chan - Science Council Secretary 
  • Paul A Nunn - Science Council Secretariat Lead 
  • Autumn Pugh - CSA Private Secretary
  • Manisha Hartigan - Science Council Secretariat 
  • Ben Goodall - Research Co-ordination and Partnerships Lead