9th Open Meeting - 10th June 2021

9th Open Meeting - 10th June 2021

Last updated: 02 August 2021

Summary of the meeting

  • The Chair presented a summary of the last 6 month’s Science Council activity.
  • Members agreed the principles and guidelines and final report for the critical review of the appraisal of third-party evidence.
  • Update provided on FSA activity since last year’s Council recommendations on data usage & digital technology. Further Council engagement is being considered.
  • The CSA updated the Council on his recent activity and discussions (including gene editing, labelling reform, genomic surveillance, and net zero carbon).
  • A discussion of the recommendations from the Council’s review of food hypersensitivity, FSA current activity and future plans, and lessons learnt.
  • Updates from Science Council members attending Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs).

Draft minute of the 9th Science Council open meeting public session (to be finalised at the 10th Science Council open meeting in December 2021):

Agenda and papers

Update: Working Group 5 update slides added post-meeting (28/6/21).

10:00  (Item 1) Welcome and introduction (Sandy Thomas)

10:10 (Item 2) Minutes of 8th Council meeting and actions (Sandy Thomas)

10:20 (Item 3) Science Council Chair’s report (Sandy Thomas)

10:35 (Item 4) FSA Science Update (Adam Cook)

10:55 (Item 5) Rapid Evidence Review:  Critical Review of the appraisal of third-party evidence (Peter Gregory)

11:20 (Item 6) Working Group 4 (WG4) review on data usage and digital technology: Post review update from FSA (Julie Pierce)

11:35 Coffee Break


11:45 (Item 7) Chief Scientific Advisor’s update (Robin May)

12:00 (Item 8) Working Group 5: Food Hypersensitivity Review (Paul Turner)

12:25 (Item 9) Update on FSA Scientific Advisory Committees (Sandy Thomas)

12:40 (Item 10) Wrap up and close session (Sandy Thomas)

12:45 (Item 11) Questions and comments from the public (Sandy Thomas)

12:55 End of the meeting


Meeting attendees

Science Council 

  • Sandy Thomas - Council Chair 
  • John O’Brien - Council Member 
  • Paul Turner - Council Member 
  • Patrick Wolfe - Council Member 
  • Sarah O’Brien - Council Member 
  • Claire Nicholson - Council Member 
  • Peter Gregory - Council Member

Food Standards Agency  

  • Robin May - FSA Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA)
  • Emily Miles - FSA Chief Executive
  • Julie Pierce – FSA Director of Openness, Data & Digital, Wales and Science 
  • Adam Cook - Head of Science Strategy, Capability and Research 
  • Chun-Han Chan - Science Council Secretary 
  • Paul A Nunn - Science Council Secretariat Lead 
  • Autumn Pugh - CSA Private Secretary
  • Manisha Hartigan - Science Council Secretariat 
  • Ben Goodall - Research Co-ordination and Partnerships Lead