Summary of Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Activity and key issues discussed in the last 6 months (addendum)

Last updated: 13 January 2023


Paper by Paul A. Nunn and Jonathan Wastling

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Email:     Date : 11 January 2023


  1. This paper is an addendum to Science Council meeting paper SC 12-4 covering a summary of activities in the following FSA Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs) over the last 6 months.
  2. It was provided after circulation of meeting papers for the 12th Science Council meeting by Prof Jonathan Wastling (on 8 Dec 2022).


  1. This replaces the existing entry for Jonathan Wastling in Annex 1 of meeting paper SC 12-4 ‘Jonathan Wastling (ACMSF): Meeting of 20/10/22 [Contribution not received ahead of this meeting]’ with:

Jonathan Wastling (ACMSF): Meeting of 20/10/22 [Addendum: contribution received 8 December 2022]:

“Of particular relevance to the work of the SC on WG6 (net zero) were the discussions and paper received from the Epidemiology of Foodborne Infections Group (EFIG) of the ACMSF.

It was important to note the close relevance of the oversight of the EFIG to some of the key themes which have emerged from the WG6 report, which highlighted the amplification of risks around pathogens associated with, for example, the recirculation of waste in regenerative farming systems and the presence of pathogens in salad products. Which may emerge from new farming approaches, including vertical farming.

In responding to the final recommendations of the WG6 report, the EFIG of the ACMSF could play a key strategic role in ensuring the monitoring and response to some to the risks emerging from changes to practice in response to net zero".